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Roasted for Conservation

Global warming; Biodiversity collapse; Species decline – no doubt, all daunting events that have created a whole host of negative “don’t do …..” messaging.

What cannot be disputed is that the world has changed and so is the way in which YOU can make a personal difference. Remember, EVERY positive effort, no matter how small, makes a collective HUGE positive change.

The question is: “Can I make a difference so that our children and their children will be able to enjoy the wonders of this magnificent planet whilst deriving some personal pleasure?

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The answer is: “Most definitely – with a ‘Roasted for Conservation’ brew of coffee

PAAZA in partnership with Mastertons Coffee have created the ‘Roasted for Conservation blends for your enjoyment. These offer you the opportunity to contribute to your favourite project whilst enjoying your choice of your favourite coffee blend.

The first in this series is dedicated to Sea Turtle conservation – the Turtle Blend. It is a rich and flavourful medium to dark roast coffee perfect for coffee lovers who also care about protecting turtles. Complimenting this is Mastertons long established Chipembere Blend which has supported Rhino conservation for over 10 years.

How do you contribute?

There is no additional “Donate here”! By purchasing one of the Conservation Blends, YOU will automatically be contributing to a specific project. A portion of the sale will be allocated to the relevant project.

Between them, PAAZA & Mastertons have more than 123 years dedicated to supporting and promoting the wonderful African region. Supporting Conservation and its related components, is core to both organisations. To this end, the range will be expanded to include country specific blends and all will be dedicated to specific projects.

PAAZA is proud to be associated with many incredible conservation related projects and aim to bring YOU news and updates through various mediums (written, podcasts, live views) through the central portal and PAAZA’s mobile app.   Underpinning PAAZA’s Conservation commitment is the invaluable guiding WAZA Conservation strategies Conservation Strategies – WAZA PAAZA is proud to be the Africa regional Association member of WAZA.

If you would like to be a member of the ‘Roasted for Conservation’ family, why not visit  and place your order today.

Our Vision

All African Zoos and Aquaria to be effective and credible centres which inspire and foster care for nature.

Our Mission

To guide and accredit all African Zoos and Aquaria to become effective and credible centres of animal welfare, conservation, education and research.