In order to meet the modern day requirements and particularly the WAZA 2023 Animal Welfare goal, PAAZA is Evolving.

This is being achieved by the amalgamation of the old Accreditation (voluntary) and Operational Standard (mandatory) to the new Operational Accreditation which is mandatory for ALL Members and was ratified at the 29th PAAZA AGM.

The core of the new Operational Accreditation is Animal Welfare (note: care is not welfare - it is an integral part of Welfare) and strives to meet the WAZA requirements for Regional Association members.

ALL PAAZA members whether previously Accredited or Operationally compliant, will be required to undergo the Operational Accreditation process. Given the 'New Normal', PAAZA had to rethink the audit process in order to offer this service to the 'Wildlife in a Controlled Environment' profession and has done this by going virtual with audit assessments. 

PAAZA only has ONE 'Member' category which is defined as: Operationally Compliant (will have passed the Operational Accreditation process) and is current with membership fees. Below is a list of Current Compliant (those who were either Accredited or passed Operational Standard) Members. All other valued PAAZA supporters are classified as various 'Partners'.

COMPLIANT MEMBERS as at 30 July 2023


Bayworld (PE Museum)                        SOUTH AFRICA                 

Cango Wildlife Ranch                               SOUTH AFRICA         


East London Aquarium                                SOUTH AFRICA  

Lory Park Animal & Owl sanctuary               SOUTH AFRICA     


Cheetah Outreach

South Africa

 Johannesburg Zoo                                SOUTH AFRICA            Welcome to the JHB Zoo | JCPZ (

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa                                                 SOUTH AFRICA              SAAMBR                                                 SOUTH AFRICA         
Two Oceans Aquarium                         SOUTH AFRICA    Uganda Wildlife Education Centre           UGANDA                          

Partners - striving for Operational Accreditation  

Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve                       SOUTH AFRICA       

Endofaun Zoo                                      SOUTH AFRICA 


Casela                                        MAURITIUS         

Giza Zoological Gardens                          EGYPT    

East London Zoo                                SOUTH AFRICA


 Natal Zoological                                   SOUTH AFRICA        


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“No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure.” - Paul Oxton

“If happiness consist in the number of pleasing emotions that occupy our mind, how true it is that the contemplation of nature is one of the great sources of happiness.” - Thomas Belt, Naturalist.


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